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Monthly Kalachakra Tsok. Location TBD

This falls on a very auspicious day as it is the Full-moon & The Buddha’s entry into the womb of his mother.

We will have this opportunity to come together as a community to partake in a very powerful method for healing our spiritual connection with our master and fellow practitioners. Community friends are welcome to join together to contemplate the profound opportunity that we have to practice Kalachakra. We will unite in a motivational practice recitation connecting with the Sublime Realm of Shambhala, bringing peace and harmony to this world through love and compassion.  Through the practice of tsok offering, we swiftly and effortlessly accumulate merit and wisdom, and purify our obscurations. 

Suggested Donation $10- $25

Things to Bring if You Have Them
1) The Profound Vajra Path Practice Book
2) Bell and Vajra
3) Damaru
4) Offering of food or juice

For those who can’t join in person, you can join via zoom https://zoom.us/j/954537879