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This event has been altered. Khentrul Rinpoche would like to give a rahula transmission and the 5 Sisters Jenang (empowerment). He will explain why he chose to change this at the event.

One of the dharma protectors of the Jonang lineage is the worldly Dharmaphala Rahula. In Tibetan astrology it is said Rahula swallowed the 9 planets from which his eyes are formed that see everything in the universe. He is also associated with the Vedic deities Rahu, the representation of the eclipse and Vishnu, who cut off the head of Rahu exposing him to the sun and the moon thus reminding practitioners of the impermanent nature of reality. Protector deities guard the mind from false securities that may lead us astray on the path, helping us overcome obstacles that are none other than obscurations of our mind. Meditating on the all seeing Rahula, allows us to pierce through ignorance and delusion with his bow and arrow, exposing our enlightened nature free of obstacles that has always been there.

Khentrul Rinpoché will give a teaching on the true source of protection from obstacles explaining samaya, abandoning non-virtue and cultivating virtue. He will help us understand the role of dharma protectors in tibetan buddhism so we can learn when and why someone would do their practices.


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