Retreat: Awake in the Bardo – 6 Bardos of Kalachakra w/ Phowa Transmission & Vajra Vega Jenang2019-07-19T08:21:04-07:00


The event will start this evening at 7pm. If you are staying with us for the residential retreat, check in is any time after 3pm at the conference center of BACA Colorado College in Crestone Colorado with a 5:30 dinner at the Desert Sage. If you need assistance call Chloe at 415-810-6168 Registration for the non-residential retreat is accepted at the door.

We are always in the between. Each and every moment is a moment full of potential for us to awake, to realize our true nature. Although we are always in a bardo, there are six larger Bardos (བར་དོ་དྲུག་), transitional states of life and death, that are much easier to recognize. This is an extremely rare opportunity to study these ‘in-between’ states with a Tibetan Buddhist Rime Master. A special emphasis will be placed on how to understand and work with these states from the perspective of the highest yoga tantra, the Kalachakra Vajrayana Buddhist teachings.

Kalachakra Phowa Transmission – Phowa is the practice of transference of consciousness at the time of death. The moment in which we die is a huge opportunity to realize our full enlightened nature because the attachment to this body and the “i” begin to dissolve. Knowing the phowa practice helps us take advantage of this incredible moment. Theoretical explanations will be supplemented with transmission and practical guidance of Kalachakra Phowa.

Wrathful Kalachakra Empowerment (Vajra Vega Jenang) – Vajravega is considered to be the king of all the wrathful dieties and is the protector form of Shri Kalachakra. One does not need to have received the Kalachakra empowerment to receive the Jenang of Vajra Vega.

About the Location – This beautiful 3 day weekend retreat is set in the peaceful space of Crestone, Colorado. At 7,500 feet in elevation and ringed on three sides by mountains, Crestone is considered to be one of the great spiritual meccas in North America. Isolated and peaceful, it is home to more than two dozen ashrams, monasteries, temples, retreat centers, stupas, labyrinths, and other sacred landmarks such as a ziggurat, a structure modeled on the temples of ancient Babylon. Stay in our village of homes a very short meditative walk from the teachings at Colorado College.


July 19 -21, 2019

Teachings & Empowerment Only – $150
All Inclusive Retreat
Lodging Friday July 19 – Monday July 22, Meals, Teachings & Empowerment
Single Room – $480
Shared Room – $380

Limited Scholarships Available.


(415) 810-6168


Colorado College
Please do not contact the location.

1 Baca Campus Rd
Moffat, CO 81143

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Dorm Rooms – a shared room with 2 twin beads
Single Room – Queen or King bed.

Couples can request discount pricing in a shared bed.

Quiet / Wi Fi / Sun room / Washer/ Dryer / Full kitchen / Meditation Deck


Non-Residential Retreat – $150
Residential Retreat Shared Room – $380
Residential Retreat Single Room – $480

Tuition and boarding costs do not include dana to the teacher.

All residential retreats cost include the teachings and empowerment, accommodations from Friday to Monday and vegetarian meals from dinner on Friday through breakfast Monday morning.

Items Not Included:
– Airport transfers. We recommend renting a car or taking the bus system. Taxi, Lyft or Uber may also work. Further info below in FAQ.
– Donation to Khentrul Rinpoche

Volunteers arrive one day early to help setup and stay a few hours late to tear things down. Please contact to volunteer.

A full refund minus an 10% processing free is available until May 15. After June 15th, there is no refunds on  accommodations but food can be refunded. After July 5th there are no refunds available.


About Khentrul Rinpoche2019-04-05T19:01:19-07:00

Shar Khentrul Jamphel Lodrö Rinpoché spent the first 20 years of his life herding yak and chanting mantras on the plateaus of Tibet. Inspired by the bodhisattvas,  he left his family to receive an extensive education in a variety of monasteries under the guidance of over twenty-five masters in all the Tibetan buddhist traditions.  Due to his non-sectarian approach, he earned himself the title of Rimé (unbiased) Master and was identified as the reincarnation of the famous Kalachakra Master Ngawang Chözin Gyatso. Khentrul Rinpoche is considered the 7th emanation of Bodhisattva Akasagarbha. While at the core of his teachings is the recognition that there is great value in the diversity of all spiritual traditions found in this world; he focuses on the Jonang tradition. This ancient tradition was thought  to be extinct by many Western scholars. Khentrul Rinpoche found that these teachings held the most advanced Kalachakra instructions held the profound methods to harmonize our external environment with the inner world of body and mind.

Khentrul Rinpoché has made it his life’s goal to be a powerful ambassador for global peace and harmony. He was awarded citizenship to Australia where he learned English in order to pass on these hidden teachings to the West.  Since 2014, he has travelled to more than thirty countries, empowering students to realize their own sacred truth of limitless potential through a clear, systematic step-by-step presentation of the Kalachakra Path to enlightenment. By teaching people how to cultivate a flexible mind and remove bias, Khentrul Rinpoché aspires to create compassion-based communities, transforming this world  into a golden age of global peace and harmony.

Prerequisites & Commitments2018-08-12T23:31:08-07:00

KALACHAKRA EMPOWERMENT CEREMONY – The Initiation: 7 Empowerments of a Growing Child

There are no prerequisite to receive the Kalachakra Empowerment. Participants should be prepared to take refuge, bodhisattva and tantric vows when taking the generation stage Kalachakra empowerment. There is no set commitment. Participants are encouraged to practice regularly. It is possible to take this as a blessing but encouraged to take as the actual empowerment.


Aspirants must have received the Kalachakra Initiation and have practiced the Jonang-Kalachakra Ngondro. Please read the how to practice section on to determine where you are. If you feel ready please apply to be a student of Khentrul Rinpoche’s and explain the amount of practice that you have done. If he accepts you for the Higher Empowerments and Wen-Sum (3 Isolations) Transmission you can register for the empowerment and retreat.


There are no prerequisite to attend the Innate Kalachakra Jenang empowerment.


There are no prerequisite to attend the Kalachakra bardo teachings or Phowa retreat.  Participants should have an interest in the Kalachakra and a desire to be prepare to die well.


There are no prerequisite to attend and practice at the Vajrasattva retreat. Some teachers require or give an empowerment into Vajrasattva prior to the practice but Khentrul Rinpoche does not. You can start practice at any time as you prepare to take the Kalachakra empowerment. It is beneficial to have taken refuge and boddhisattva vows formerly but are not necessary to attend the retreat and start the practice as long as you are able to earnestly take these vows in your heart.


There are no prerequisite to receive the Vajravega Jenang but only those who have previously received a Kalachakra empowerment will be able to generate as Vajravega.

Apply for Financial Scholarship2019-04-05T18:56:52-07:00

A limited number of financial scholarships are available for dedicated and truly genuine students in need who aspire to benefit beings from these teachings. If you would like to  apply for assistance please email  Please answer the falling questions.

  1. What is the amount of assistance you are seeking?
  2. Please provide a reason for your request for financial assistances.
  3. Please write about your spiritual journey and why you hope to attend this teaching.


Tickets are no longer available.